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STM32CubeMX: Problem Configuring Comparators in Window Mode for STM32F373RCT

Posted on October 12, 2015 at 20:54

According to ''Description of STM32F3xx HAL drivers'' (UM1786) page 188 [Quote start] ''The comparators COMP1 and COMP2, COMP3 and COMP4, COMP5 and COMP6 can be combined in window mode and only COMP1, COMP3 and COMP5 non inverting input can be used as non-inverting input.'' [ Quote End]. However when I configure COMP1 and COMP2 in window mode in the ''Pinout'' panel of the STM32CubeMX software I can only use PA3 as COMP2_INP. There are no way in the STM32CubeMX software to configure COMP1 and COMP2 in window mode using COMP1 as COMP1_INP. In order to verify this conflict I am using STM32373C-EVAL board (with 100 pins package) and running ''COMP_AnalogWatchdog'' example project from STM32F37x_DSP_StdPeriph_Lib_V1.0.0 package. I am able to control both Comparators in Window mode just using PA1 as COMP1_INP input. I also modified example file to verify if I can use at the same time PA3 pin as digital Push Pull output and surely it does work. Since I have to release the schematic project for layout I need positive conformation that STM32CubeMX software has a bug and I can use PA3 pin for other purposes (for example as Push Pull output) and be able to configure COMP1 and COMP2 in Window mode using only one PA1 input as COMP1_INP for 64 pin package (STM32F373RCT) as well. 

Senior III
Posted on December 01, 2015 at 13:49

Dear user,

This issue will be solved in STM32CubeMX next release: 4.12.0.