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stm32cubemx for STM32H573: why is filex "mmc interface" greyed out


I'm using the STM32H573I-DK and it works great. We are running the Fx_uSD_File_Edit example.    We are creating a product that leverages a lot of the dev kit design, but we want to use eMMC instead of SD card.  I took the Fx_uSD_File_Edit example ioc and altered SDMMC1 to be "MMC 4 bit wide bus". But now FileX does not let me choose "MMC interface".   I tried quitting out of STM32CubeMX and restarting it. No help.   I disabled SDMM1 and re-enabled "MMC 4 bit wide bus".   FileX MMC interface is still greyed out.  What can I do to change to MMC for FileX?  I've attached my .ioc


BTW, I have another unrelated STM32U5 project and I can choose FileX MMC interface there.  Why not in STM32H5?

ST Employee

hello @billw 

I confirm the issue and it is reported internally.
Internal ticket number: 178050 (This is an internal tracking number and is not accessible or usable by customers).

With Regards