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STM32CubeMX 6.2.0/6.2.1 released

ST Employee

How to update

Two ways to update to the new release:

1- Install directly from Web

2- From STM32CubeMX GUI, update to 6.1.2 and then to 6.2.0/6.2.1 (compatibility break for the update due to JRE bundling in the new release)

What is new in STM32CubeMX V6.2.1?

Added the support for new firmware and manifest version in the STM32MP1 Series:

• Linux Kernel 5.10 LTS

• openstlinux-5.10-dunfell-mp1-21-03-31

Main fixed issues in V6.2.1

88481 [STM32CubeMX][STM32MP15] PA10 assigned to USB_OTG_HS_ID when configuring USB OTG with device-only controller.

96553 [MBOX_IPCC] Unexpected rproc_virtio_notified call.

What is new in STM32CubeMX V6.2.0?

• JRE is now bundled in the install, no more need to install a JRE on your machine to use STM32CubeMX

• WolfSSL and Unison RTOS I-Cube packs are available in STM32CubeMX

• Enhanced the Software Packs feature with secure context support and others

• Added new videos accessible to residents in mainland China

• Added the support for new part numbers in the STM32G0 Series: STM32G050C(6-8)Tx, STM32G050F6Px, STM32G050K(6-8)Tx, STM32G051C(6-8)Tx, STM32G051C(6-8)Ux, STM32G051F(6-8)Px, STM32G051F8Yx, STM32G051G(6-8)Ux, STM32G051K(6-8)Tx, STM32G051K(6-8)Ux, STM32G061C(6-8)Tx, STM32G061C(6-8)Ux, STM32G061F(6-8)Px, STM32G061F8Yx, STM32G061G(6-8)Ux, STM32G061K(6-8)Tx, STM32G061K(6-8)Ux, STM32G0B1C(B-C-E)Tx, STM32G0B1C(B-C-E)TxN, STM32G0B1C(B-C)Ux, STM32G0B1C(B-C-E)UxN, STM32G0B1KBTx, STM32G0B1KBTxN, STM32G0B1KBUx, STM32G0B1KBUxN, STM32G0B1MBTx, STM32G0B1NEYx, STM32G0B1R(B-C-E)IxN, STM32G0B1R(B-C-E)Tx, STM32G0B1R(B-C-E)TxN, STM32G0B1VBIx, STM32G0B1VBTx, STM32G0C1C(C-E)TxN, STM32G0C1C(C-E)UxN, STM32G0C1NEYx, STM32G0C1R(C-E)IxN, STM32G0C1R(C-E)Tx, STM32G0C1R(C-E)TxN • Added the support for new part numbers in the STM32L4+ Series: STM32L4Q5AGIxP, STM32L4Q5CGTx, STM32L4Q5CGTxP, STM32L4Q5CGUx, STM32L4Q5CGUxP, STM32L4Q5QGIx, STM32L4Q5QGIxP, STM32L4Q5RGTxP, STM32L4Q5VGTxP, STM32L4Q5VGYxP, STM32L4Q5ZGTxP

• Added the support for new part numbers in the STM32WB Series: STM32WB10CCUx, STM32WB15CCUx, STM32WB15CCUxE, STM32WB15CCYx, STM32WB30CEUxA, STM32WB35C(C-E)UxA

• Added the support for Q-SPI in the STM32G471xxxx part number.

• Added the support for two new boards related to the STMWB Series: STM32WB5MM-DK and NUCLEO-WB15CC

• Added the support for new features in the STM32F4 Series:

– SMBUS support

– Fast mode and Fast mode plus support

• Added the support for SMBUS Fast mode plus for the STM32L4 Series, STM32F4 Series, STM32L0 Series and STM32L5 Series

• Added the support for ICACHE LL in the STM32L5 Series

• Added features improvements for ZigBee® in the STM32WB Series such as cluster callbacks selection and specific parameters configuration for cluster allocation

• Added the STM32Cube Expansion Packages support to the example selector

• Added clickable news regarding new feature support on the STM32CubeMX main page

• Added the support for CMSIS Packs in the STM32L5 Series

Known limitations

Please refer to the release note for more information

Main fixed issues

83838 [STM32CubeMX-H7][Power Domain] Wrong power domain for the Cortex®-M4. 85707 [STM32CubeMX-All][SAI] Make the MCKDIV accessible when NOMCK.

91240 [STM32CubeMX-Motorcontrol] Import feature incomplete and misleading report message.

92895 [MotorControl] Additional middleware include required when using "Generate peripheral initialization as a pair of '.c/.h' files per peripheral".

94134 [STM32CubeMX-ALL][FATFS] Remove the dependency FS_REENTRANT - FreeRTOS®. 95646 [STM32CubeMX-All][Keil file] The and sections should be kept after regenerating the project.

95857 [GitHub][BLE] Update comment for RSSI in the app_ble.c file.

96078 [STM32CubeMX-L4][RCC] Wrong Flash memory latency value - WS must be automatically updated.

96267 [STM32CubeMX][ETH] Ethernet peripheral not available in STM32H725REVx MCUs. 97276 [STM32CubeMX-F1][RTC] Wrong asynchronous predivider value.

97418 [STM32CubeMX-H7][FreeRTOS] Change code in the FreeRTOSConfig.h and FreeRTOSConfig_template.h files. 

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