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STM32 Can Communication Normal Mode Cube IDE program -Error "No St Link with specific serial #"

Associate III

Sees Error  codes attached 

This errors codes  pop up when I try to upload codes TUT_Can_F103 and TUT_ Can _F446Re ( STM32 Can Commincation ) into the my F103 and F446RE ( reference STM 32 Can Communication// Normal Mode  by Controller Tech -tutorial) -see attached  My ST- Link and Blue pill ( F103C8T6 ) have no serial #'s  How do i null or delete or modify to complete my upload and debug run



ST Employee

Welcome @MROWL, to the community!

Can you please post a photo of the ST link?

If it is not an original ST-LINK like e.g. the famous ST-LINK/V2 or the race-car fast ST-LINK/V3 from STMicroelectronics, you will not be successful, because these small, colourful, illegally copied and very cheap tin cans are not supported by the official software. When you try to upgrade their firmware, they do not show a serial number, nor can the upgrade be completed.

In addition, even with an original ST-LINK you should not be surprised if something does not work with the Blue Pill, because for a long time only (illegal) counterfeits of the STM32F103 have been installed there.

My tip: buy original hardware, such as a NUCLEO board, because you are safe from surprises and will have a lot of success.


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thanks for the insight - appreciated 

Principal III

or you have accidentally selected the use of serial number xxx only - try uncheck st-Link S/N !

in debug configuration:



to program the bluepill, if your (old) stlinkV2 dont work, you can use the onboard stlink on your nucleo board ;

set jumpers use stlink extern, connect gnd/swd/swc to bluepil + flash it .

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