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"Unknown type name "FATFS"" - problems with Atollic Studio



I'm working on a project build on STM32F407VG. I'm using Atollic Studio 9.3.0 and CubeMX 6.2.1. I've build a project on CubeMX a while ago, since then I didn't generate anything because I added a lot of things by myself, like USB composite MSC+CDC.

At the beginning I want to clarify that I'm sure that my code is working, and I think that there is a problem with linker or Atollic but I'm not sure how to find it.

So I'm using a lot of libraries, here are my directories:

0693W00000QKrB1QAL.pngI'm working normally on my project, then suddenly I make one little change, completly not relevant to using fatfs or anything (something like, set high state on pin which has a diode), and I get errors:

0693W00000QKrBVQA1.pngI started to getting it like a week ago, got them a couple times now, every time when i did something really not that important. What helps me in this situations (sometimes) is to create an empty project from CubeMX, and then fill it with libraries and main.c etc. from my previous project, but it doesn't always work. I can't find the pattern on when it stops compiling my project, and when i fix it. Here are my settings if you are curious:

0693W00000QKrCnQAL.png0693W00000QKrD7QAL.pngThanks for help.


I started to wonder what i changed recently that could be the reason for the issues. I moved declaration of these variables from main.c to main.h:

0693W00000QKu0kQAD.pngWhen i moved them back to main.c it helped and the error isnt showing. Anyone has any idea, why?