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How to configure Drive_VBUS_FS in CubeMX for not driving?

Lars Beiderbecke
Senior III

I'm currently configuring a USB Host for HID in CubeMX. Everything seems clear, but I don't know how to configure the Drive_VBUS_FS option.

On my board, I decided to provide 5V to VBUS directly (with ESD and overcurrent protection), but without involving the STM32. This makes me wonder if VBUS sensing is possible at all?

And for the Drive_VBUS_FS, I don't want to drive VBUS, but there is no such option available except for keeping the selection at Undefined, which seems to be an invalid state.

So how do I configure this properly with my board layout, or is the layout not correct?

Rick Hamilton
Associate II

I have the same question....

Luca De Marchi

I have the same question....

Lars Beiderbecke
Senior III

I've learned (and tried successfully) that you leave Drive_VBUS_FS as undefined. So no VBUS driving, and no VBUS sensing.


Senior II

The following option: 'NO_SW_VBUS_DRIVE_FS' in the latest version of STM32CubeMX has solved this issue!