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How can I get access to the resolved issue list for STM32cubeMX? Or any STM32 ecosystem components? These are critical to validating the tools and code for use on commercial products.

Glen Larson
Associate II

They don't share the back-office bug tracking data. You can try making formal request in via your Local Sales Office, your FAE, or opening an Online Support Request.

I don't see the forum as a conduit to this.

I don't think anyone doing any life/safety critical using any of the ST HAL or related libraries. The license is basically one of zero liability, you touch it you own it. Check also allowed usage.

Or frankly use GNU/GCC

You're likely going to need to pay real money, to real software vendors to get certified anything.

The sort of stuff that's going to run $20-30K a seat, and there's a reason for them to be responsive to you.

The aerospace / automotive people I know write their code from the metal up, because they have to carry the liability, not fob it off on others.

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