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Has anyone tried out AL94 I-CUBE-USBD-Composite wrapper class on STM32U5

Torben  Nielsen
Associate II

It is now available with CubeMx 6.8 but does it also support STM32U5 which does not have native support for STM Classic Core Middleware libraries?

Senior III

ST should be interested in integrating this into CubeMX, it would save developers so much time.  Checking the threads there have been people asking for this since 2014, and so many questions here about composite USB support that go ignored.

I just tried to install the Host USB MX code with the latest CubeIDE, and it just creates empty folders.  The problem seems to be that the USB device is not at ST product but a design they buy in from Synopsis.

USB is so fundamental I'm surprised ST haven't invested a little time to get this set-up properly.