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CubeMX version 6.10 not able to enable certain middle wares

Associate II

After updating STM32Cube IDE and Cube MX I have ran to a problem of not being able to enable certain middlewares, in this case LoraWan. I did not have this problem before updating. I was wondering if there is a new process in enabling this middleware? When looking at 'manage software packs' in mxcube, the pack that pertains to the chip I am using is shown as installed and contains lorawan. But the enable button of the lorawan middleware is unelectable.


Any suggestions?

Mahmoud Ben Romdhane
ST Employee

Hello @STMGuitartune68 ,


First let me thank you for posting and welcome to the ST Community.

For more investigation, I suggest please that you provide your ioc.File.

In order to enable the LORAWAN Middleware, you need to activate other peripherals.

I suggest that you put the mouse selector on the LoraWan in order to know which API you should activate.