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Configuring FATFS-SDMMC1-DMA on STM32L4R5... in STM32CubeMX


Hi guys,

I have a question about my project with STM32L4R5ZIT6.

I want to use the SDMMC1 peripheral together with the FAT-file system to write some logging data on a sd card.

After several failed tries to write a test-file on the sd card with the FAT functions f_open...f_write I think there is a problem with the lower level driver (sdmmc1).

I searched for some solutions in this community.

There I found some topics near the same I have.



They had attached some configuring files for the CubeMX and inside them there was a possibility to configure the dma working together with the sdmmc1 peripheral. In my CubeMX project there is no possibility to link the dma and the sdmmc1 peripheral.

Is there any possibility to get this working?

I don't want to code all from the datasheet so maybe there are some examples or something.

Kind regards,



>>Is there any possibility to get this working?

I did it without CubeMX, using the HAL code as a basis.

Unfortunately the L4 series has a couple of SDMMC IP implementations.

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