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STM32MP1 Starter

Associate III

Hello everyone,

I am an avid petalinux user. I know that STM32MP1 has had a big place in the market for many years. But I've never had to use it before. I want to use this in a project right now. And I'm a little confused about where to start. I have a few questions;
1) What exactly is openstLinux? Is it something like petalinux distribution?
2) Let's say I compile an stm32mp1 project with yocto. I couldn't find any information about how to import the resulting image files into cubeide?
3) Which of the dtb files created with cubemx should I use?
4) When I select cubeide and the mp1 family from the project opening and say "setup openstlinux", I get a manifest version error. How can I fix this?
Thank you very much in advance. Kind regards
Screenshot from 2024-05-27 23-10-38.png

ST Employee

Hi @FarukSozuer 

far to be a SW expert, but here is some link which could help you


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Associate III

Hello @PatrickF 

I reviewed the relevant links. I was able to solve some of it. I have an STM32MP157DK1 Eval board. I haven't been able to start a project using the STM32Cube IDE and run it on the board yet. My project file is as in the picture. I understand how to proceed to debug or develop code....

Screenshot from 2024-06-04 22-24-24.png