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Reset STM32MP1 MCU in production mode

Associate II

Hello everybody,

currently i am trying to migrate from KEIL uvision to CubeIDE.

CubeIDE Version: 1.13.2
Build: 18220_20230914_1601
Target: STM32MP157
Debug Probe: STLink-v3miniE or others

Example Project: OpenAMP_FreeRTOS_echo_CM4


When I start a debug session in production mode, the M4 firmware is loaded and starts running. I have no problem with this.

In Keil it was possible to reset the MCU during a debug session in production mode quite easily by pushing a button. So it was possible to set a breakpoint at the beginning of application in main().

In CubeIDE there is no such possibility, am i right? Or can it be done in a similar and convenient way??I have not found a solution to this "problem".

The conversation in this Topic deals with the same issue but the answer is not satisfactory for me.

I tried several thing under Debug Configurations->Startup->Initialization Commands etc but without success.

I hope that it is not necessary to write individual reset bits in the registers by hand to reset the MCU. 🙏

Thanks in advance

Best regards



I don't know about MPUs but with MCUs you can press the following icon when in debug mode. It's probably the same for you:



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Associate II

That would be too easy, 😀 unfortunately exactly this button is greyed out at the MPU'S


Associate II

I have to share a new insight,
when i change Debug probe connection from OpenOCD to GDB Server the Button is still greyed out.
But wit a core reset i was able to hit an early breakpoint at the beginning of main.
As ugly workaround for the missing Reset Button it is possible to reset M4 by
Run->Restart Configurations --> Core Reset --> OK