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Why do I get "Failed to insert all hardware breakpoints: You may have requested too many..." even when I have NO breakpoints/watchpoints set?

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I am running 1.4.0 on a VM on a windows10 machine and trying to work with "Nucleo-L433RC-P". The error is not totally consistent. Sometimes it allows one breakpoint to be hit, sometimes it complains about the only breakpoint and stops (one time only) on the breakpoint.

My boss thinks I'm crazy because he has the same setup as I do, and has no problem. I got the IT guy to remotely run the IDE on my machine and he was a confused as I am. He thinks it is a problem with the IDE. I don't know what to think, all I know is that it is very difficult to debug code without breakpoints. And I have to "terminate and relaunch" and most of the time it then says "No ST-Link found".

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Duplicate of this.