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Updated CubeIDE and now it says no ST_LINK V2 is attached.

Associate III

Updated STM32CubeIDE version 1.11.0 to version 1.13.0 

Using an St-LINK/V2 to connect PC to a prototype board with a STM32L476 on it.

STM32CubeProgrammer can load the debug .elf file and read the L476 memory just loaded.

The CubeIDE 1.13.0 does a clean build but when I select:

Run---Debug As---1 STM32 C/C++ Application----.elf file

I get the following error:

“No ST-LINK detected! Please connect ST-LINK and restart the debug session.”

The ST-LINK is connected. The Programmer just used it to load the .elf file.