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Timer(32bit) Inputcapture

SA  V.1
Associate II
STM32H745i Discovery kit :

In this board TIM2/5 are 16/32 bit  timers when am going to configure in cubeIDE there Prescalar is 16bit  . How can  i use 32bit timer ??  and in this board input pin terminations are very crucial  ?? Any help would be thankfull .

ST Employee

Hello SA V.1,

Your Timers 2 and 5 are 32bits timers as you can see below:


The prescaler on the other hand is 16bits and is there to divide your counter period if needed.



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Bellow  is callback function but  IC_Value1  and  IC_Value2  bothn always 0 so program counter goes to error handler  why happening like this ??TIC.jpj.png

void HAL_TIM_IC_CaptureCallback(TIM_HandleTypeDef *htim)
if (htim->Channel == HAL_TIM_ACTIVE_CHANNEL_2) // if interrput source is channel 1
if (Is_First_Captured==0) // is the first value captured ?
IC_Value1 = HAL_TIM_ReadCapturedValue(htim, TIM_CHANNEL_2); // capture the first value
Is_First_Captured =1; // set the first value captured as true

else if (Is_First_Captured) // if the first is captured
IC_Value2 = HAL_TIM_ReadCapturedValue(htim, TIM_CHANNEL_2); // capture second value

if (IC_Value2 > IC_Value1)
Difference = IC_Value2-IC_Value1; // calculate the difference

else if (IC_Value2 < IC_Value1)
Difference = ((0xffffffff-IC_Value1)+IC_Value2) +1;