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STM32CubeIDE: Relative path problem - sometimes uses "Core" folder, sometimes not.

Jim Seymour

I created a new project using STM32CubeIDE and encountered a strange problem with the folder structure.

The project ended up with "Src" and "Inc" folders off the project's root folder. But it also generated a "Core" folder - with "Inc" underneath that.

The two different "Inc" folders have files with the same name. Meanwhile, the project settings list the include paths in this form: "../../path"

In order to get my project to compile, I had to manually trim off the extra "../" from each of those path entries.

Anyone have an idea on what may have happened to me? And how I can get back to sanity?


Jim Seymour

Not really a solution, but I threw away my project and recreated a new one from the ground up. Now, it is behaving as expected.

Not sure what I did - but it probably had to do with trying to manually import a .ioc file from a CubeMX project.

Pavel A.
Evangelist III

Maybe this complication of folder structure is intended for multicore chips.

If so, we should request an option to generate simple structure for single core MCUs, compatible with older CubeMX versions.

Complex structure does not make sense for single core chips. It only annoys users and makes upgrade from old CubeMX harder.

-- pa