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STM32CubeIDE compatibility with macOS & Apple M1 Chip

Associate III

is STM32CubeIDE optimized for Apple M1 chip in new MAC(universal binary with both AArch64 and x86) ? or will the current version run with Rosetta 2 x86 emulation? anybody with M1 Mac tried ?

Associate III

Yes, STM32CubeIDE runs on Mac M1 Monterey 12.1 but the PATH does not contain /opt/homebrew/bin so scripts needing md5sum fail because that is where brew installed it.


Can you guys give me a update on this? Can you debug/program using the M1 Mac? Looking to make a transition from Windows. Thanks!

I confirm STMCubeIDE works fine on my 14" MBP with M1pro CPU (macOS Monterey 12.6). However responsiveness compared to native Eclipse 2022 (launch time, navigation) is behind. Nevertheless build time for my small STM32 projects struggle to take more than 300 ms which is pleasant.

I hope native support will come someday...