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STM32CubeIDE compatibility with macOS & Apple M1 Chip

Associate III

is STM32CubeIDE optimized for Apple M1 chip in new MAC(universal binary with both AArch64 and x86) ? or will the current version run with Rosetta 2 x86 emulation? anybody with M1 Mac tried ?


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Yes, I confirm it still works fine.

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Associate II

Hi! Yes, it works fine, using Rosetta. I tested version 1.5 and board Discovery STM32F411. I don't think there is a native version yet.

Associate III

@ABrun.5​ Thanks for the confirmation

mattias norlander
ST Employee

No native version yet. The component versions STM32CubeIDE depends on (Eclipse/CDT framework) did not offer native support until last release of 2020. Moving to the next Eclipse/CDT version requires also moving to a newer JRE and all of a sudden the investment to support M1 is huge from a validation point of view.

We are looking into all of this, but no firm time plan yet. Lots of dependencies!

Please share any issues you find with Rosetta.

I wish, at least you completed the Big Sur compability.. After Big Sur, IDE is full of bugs.. That's why I stopped using Macbook, resurrected an old PC laptop which is pain in the back..


Is the compatibility issue still there in the M1 MacbookAir in October 2021.

Associate III

It works in M1 Macs without any compatibility issues (running on M1 Macbook Air, Bug sur). But it’s not native binary and runs with Rosetta 2 x86_64 translation. So the performance benefits of M1 is not visible

Yes, I confirm it still works fine.

@mattias norlander​ MacOS AArch64 Eclipse is available now

Thanks for the heads-up. As much as we would like go native, it is not achievable without huge investments.

Those huge investments are not justified by the user base numbers on macos.

The effort is better spent on other features and bug fixes applicable to all host OSes. At least this is our view right now.

We will have to continuously monitor how quickly the user base grows on M1 archi.