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[STM32CubeIDE Advanced Debug Features] Moderators could indicate these videos to users

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[STM32CubeIDE Advanced Debug Features]

The STM32CubeIDE can be used to create applications for STM32 devices using STM32Cube libraries (HAL and Low Layer versions) and this video series will cover the features for debugging one simple application firmware using that as the basis and augment the debug experience by using the Instrumentation Trace Macrocell (ITM) and the Serial Wire Viewer (SWV) with several different hands-on sessions to explain all possible views and setups in the debug session.

Benefits you will take away:

• Understand the hardware needs to use the SWD + Serial Wire Output (SWO)

• Understand differences between SWD and JTAG, and which ARM Cortex cores can be used

• Understand how to manage the debugger settings in the STM32CubeIDE to access the SWV

• Learn how to use special breakpoints and live watch during the debug session

• Learn how to retarget the printf() function using the Serial Wire Output (SWO)

• Learn how to use all SWV features, including Data Trace, Time Measurement, Exception Trace and Log, and Statistical Profiling