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Rename the project does not rename the .ic file

Senior II

I wanted to use the ioc and all the code from a project into another project. So, I copied the project and pasted in a workspace, then renamed the project, but ioc is not changed. So while opening, I get error message

Invalid Input: Must be project's active .ioc file.

Project's 'board_HW_Test' active one is 'board_HW_Test.ioc' file

Do I need to rename only the ioc or any other changes without loosing the data.


Accepted Solutions

I just renamed the ioc file

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ST Employee

The project name must match the name that is also stored in the IOC under

  • ProjectManager.ProjectFileName
  • ProjectManager.ProjectName

Normally you should not change the IOC, but if you have a backup copy, you can open it now with a text editor (e.g. Notepad++) and change these strings to the new name.

Hope that helps?

Good luck!

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But why does cubeIDE does not make that change when I use the option to rename project?

I just renamed the ioc file