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NUCLEO-F103RB: No device found on target.

Associate II


For the past two days I have started experimenting with STM32F0 and STM32F1 Nucleo Boards and the STM32CubeIDE, so I am not that experienced yet. Everything went fine but suddenly, I was not able anymore to program my NUCLEO-F103RB board. It throws this error:

Starting server with the following options:
        Persistent Mode            : Disabled
        Logging Level              : 1
        Listen Port Number         : 61234
        Status Refresh Delay       : 15s
        Verbose Mode               : Disabled
        SWD Debug                  : Enabled
Target no device found
Error in initializing ST-LINK device.
Reason: No device found on target.

I did nothing special before this error occured. I upgraded the ST-Link firmware in the STM32CubeProgrammer for this NUCLEO board and also confirmed that the two SWD lines of the STM32F1 MCU are connected to the ST-Link Jumpers and that those are closed. Additionally, I also reconfigured the Debug Configuration to ensure the correct ST-LINK is connected.

Programming another (NUCLEO-F072RB) NUCLEO board works without problems.

Associate II

I had the same problem. I had the Nucleo board on a breadboard at the time. After taking the Nucleo board off the breadboard, debugging it was no problem anymore.

Maybe connecting it to a breadboard is short circuiting some pins.... I'm not entirely sure why it was like that.