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Linux STM32CubeIDE improvements - request

Associate III

Hi CubeIDE developers.

I use Linux Suse Tumbleweed with X11 KDE.

I have only been successful in installing the Generic Linux variant of the STM32CubeIDE package.

There are several annoying and time wasting things that this package does. Lets start with two major ones:-

1)   On startup, it attempts to register with '' but the process is not always successful. If it is unsuccessful, many things within the IDE become problematic - like creating a new project. If you don't know how to fix this, can you please put up a MessageBox stating it's been unsuccessful?

2)   Shortly after startup, the IDE intermittently scans for updates (I can see fragments of this in the Status bar), it can run for 15-20 minutes. If I attempt to open MX while this scan is active, my project crashes, and I have to start over. It is very difficult to determine when the scan is complete. If you don't know how to fix this, could you please put up a MessageBox and block attempts to start MX if the scan hasn't completed?

Kind regards



It works for me (manjaro linux).

It dont update automatically (I have to check update) and progress is on the right bottom corner.


There's a flag set to "automatically update before building" I think.


Login - yes it suck.


If possible provide appimage of cubeide, programmer etc.

ST Employee

Hello @PGump.1  and welcome to the community,


Thank you for your contributions and for this explanation.

For the first suggestion, if you can't log in to "myST" successfully, you need to check the network proxy settings via [General]>[Network Connections].
If there is a problem to save the proxy settings, the reason can be a corrupt "secure_storage" file. Proceed as follows to solve the problem:
1. Close all running STM32CubeIDE applications
2. Rename file C:\Users\user_name\.eclipse\\secure_stora
ge to a new name
3. Restart STM32CubeIDE
4. Update the proxy network settings, with user and password information, and save them to create a new secure_storage file.

Also, you can work without being logged on  following  these instructions:

• Manually download the needed STM32Cube firmware packages from the STMicroelectronics website
• Inside STM32CubeIDE, use the following menus:
1. [Help]>[Manage embedded software packages]
2. [STM32Cube MCU Packages]>[From local...]
• Point to the manually downloaded zip file, then accept the license and install it.

For the second suggestion, the problem isn't reproduced, the IDE doesn't check for updates after startup. Otherwise, could you provide a screenshot of the problem?


Thank you for your reply Rim.

I don't use proxy settings. If I did, and they are incorrect/ corrupt it would never log in...

This is a Linux not a Windows machine.

When I press [Help]>[Manage embedded software packages], no dialogue box appears... Another thing that's not working...

After many attempts to capture this fleeting image - you can see one of the URLs that is being scanned, at startup, for updates in the bottom righthand corner of the attached image...

Kind regards



Associate III

Thank you - to whomever broke the STM32CudeIDE Windows/Linux version number system.

This breakage is very helpful - I get a dialogue box stating that there is a new version available, even though is not one available for Linux. This dialogue box tells me that STM32CudeIDE is ready for work...

Please DON'T fix it 😁

Kind regards


Bugger - someone fixed it when releasing V1.15...