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Associate III

The wizard procedure put in my project this file <STM32U575ZITXQ_FLASH.ld> and this file <STM32U575ZITXQ_RAM.ld>.

When is used the first and when the second and where is written in the project which one to use?Because in the linker section, as for Debug and  for Release configuration, olny the first compares.

Thank you.

If necessary, I'll post the content, but I thing the same thing is done for the over micro.

Bob S

The linker file is specified in the project properties under "C/C++ Build"->"Settings", then in the "Tool Settings" tab, under "MCU G++ Linker" in the "General" section.

Normally the "flash" version is used, and that is the default when CubeIDE projects are created.  This puts executable code into FLASH unless functions are explicitly mapped to RAM.  The "RAM" version puts executable code into RAM, but since RAM is limited on most chips, this limits the size of your program.