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How to operate STM32 power on off

Associate III

We implemented a lwip tcp server with STM32 and even sent and received messages

But when I was debugging, it was good I'm trying to disconnect ST-LINK and see if it works by turning the power on and off without debugging, but the server didn't even create it I can't connect with the client connection

So I was looking for a way, and I turned it on and pressed the rst button, and the server worked and pinged or connected But I want to make the tcp server work just by turning it on and off, but it's not working

How do I get the STM32 board to work just by turning it on and off without debugging or rst buttons?

development environment CUBE IDE - C

STM32 : STM3H7432XIH6


There's no quick solution here.

Debug your code, figure out where and why it's getting hung up, and fix that error.

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Lead II

Hello @ark2 

As said @TDK , the best way to find issue is to debug your code.

I think also this exemple and the UM1713 may help you.

Best regards.