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Failed to start GDB server Error in initialising ST-Link device

Associate II

Hello folks,

I am new to STM32 and have been using it (STM32H7A3ZIQ) for a while, everything was fine with download and debugging codes until a week ago when STM32CubeIDE suddenly has stopped launching the debug session. An error msg -failed to start GDB server (see attached) pops out whenever I want to debug codes, I have been trying to resolve this very problem for the past week by following other people's solutions on Youtube, but all my attempts were in vain.

In addition, I installed different ST-Link programs provided by ST such that ST-Link server (Utility), STSW 004, 007, and 009. But even by doing so, I couldn't resolve this matter and no device found remains.


  • Even after having updated my device (V3.J8.M3) by using ST-Link 007, STM32CubeIDE doesn't recognise it at all (no device found on target).
  • ST-Link utility also cannot connect to the target

I hope someone could help me to get back coding.

I look forward to hearing your expert thoughts on how to resolve it.




I began having the "failed to start GDB server" error after changing the version of STM32CudeIDE. The solution was to create a new Debug launch configuration using these steps.

Run > Debug Configurations... > New Launch Configuration*

* New Launch Configuration is the icon on the left of the Debug Configurations dialog window.

It may be necessary to copy some of the settings from a previously working launch configuration into the new one.