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ethernet communication between stm32h745 nucleo boards


Hello everyone, i want to send ethernet packet from one stm32h745 nucleo board to another board. i connect the boards with rj45 biderictional cable, and i use the eth in both boards(one to transmit and one to transmit). i try to debug the program of the transmitter board and i see that after one transmitted packet(which i know that transmitted because status_ok returned from func) i get status_error on transmit, and i do not know why. i am begginer so i do not know how to approch this problem, maybe i misunderstand some basic concept about ethernet communication or something else. i attach my main loop for help. thanks!


Hi, I did tests with the F407 and the LAN8720, but I used the computer to monitor the sending and receiving, I used this tool to test: Hercules SETUP utility.

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SW version:
  • Complete support for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
  • All basic TCP and UDP utilities in one file, no installation required (just one .EXE file)
  • Implemented Serial Port Terminal is working with the Virtual Serial Ports (COM12 for example). You can check and control all serial port lines (CTS, RTS, DTR, DSR, RI, CD)
  • Simple TCP client (like the Hyperterminal) with the TEA support, view format, file transfers, macros..
  • Easy to use TCP Server with the TEA support, view format, file transfers, macros..
  • Hercules contains simple UDP/IP "Terminal" with view formats, echo, file transfers, macros..
  • Support the NVT (Network Virtual Terminal) in the Test mode tab, as like as NVT debuging features..
  • Using Telnet extended with NVT allows serial port configuration (RFC2217), device identification, confirmation of data sequence, etc.
  • It's FREEWARE you can use and share this software free

See too: [This page will explain points to think about when capturing packets from Ethernet networks]