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Double-click search results jumps to the right file in the wrong project (Eclipse issue?)

Associate III

In my STM32CubeIDE workspace I have several projects. When I search by current project and double-click a result to jump to the hit in the project file, the file from the wrong project opens instead.

This can lead to me having multiple instances of the same file opened, and different changes in each file. I've lost significant edits this way, and it's concerning and frustrating.

I've filed this in Eclipse but nobody wants to take it on.

Demo video and test project attached on the above link.

I get the feeling that for someone who has the tools set up, this will be a 15 minute bug. For me the learning curve is probably weeks. 

It'd be awesome for someone to nail this one. Any takers? 


Running latest Cube 1.14.1

Associate III

Can anyone confirm this? I get bitten by this MULTIPLE times a day, which totally disrupts software flow. It's very frustrating.

I'm happy to work hand in hand with someone to get this sorted. I'm just not set up as an Eclipse developer.

Pavel A.
Evangelist III

Unfortunately, to fix issues like this one you have to do it yourself or convince somebody with knowledge of Eclipse and their development procedures (properly submit a PR, pass reviews...). This is how free opensource software works. Here is already someone offering help.


Thanks Pavel. I thought someone at ST might have an interest in this, I can still hang onto hope. 

But I'll see what I can do at my end. There's just a huge learning curve to get into this.

I also can't believe that nobody has bumped into this issue.

@RDrum.1 If you indeed see that a file is open in several source windows and edits in one window don't propagate to other(s) - this would be a major bug. A repro with relevant details should be reported.


I thought so too. I've attached a repro project and example video in that github post. Let me know if it makes sense.