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Debugging with BIN files or how to add CRC and other data to HEX files

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Hello everybody,

I am making a project with a custom bootloader + application combo.

I want to make the bootloader check for the CRC, length, and some other data that I already inserted into a .BIN file with a post-build python script.

All the checking works when I update the device using the custom process I made over UART but I cannot have those checking by default when debugging because the ELF file is unaltered.

I first wanted to just download the bin file after the ELF with the needed offset file but CubeIDE won't let me do that.


From what I read I can only flash a .HEXfile or an ELF file but is there another way to just automatically flash the BIN file before the debugging starts?

If not, how do I modify the HEX file to insert my 256 bytes of data? (the ELF file seems like a nightmare to modify)

In my BIN file I have all the 256 bytes at the start of the file(and I have a 256 offset in the start address) and I would prefer to stick with this way as I do not have a fixed app address. 


The HEX format isn't terrible complicated. It's text, you can open it up and see. You could write the first 256 bytes as 0 in your program and modify it afterwards.

Could implement this in a script as a post-build step.


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Chloe Meunier
ST Employee



you can refer to this knowledge article : How to calculate and generate post-build CRC? - STMicroelectronics Community