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CSS usage with STM32CubeIDE generated code, HAL drivers? Switch to HSI instead of missing HSE.



I'm trying to use the CSS system, with STM32CubeIDE, clock configuration setting. The main idea behind that, start the MCU from HSE, and, if the HSE clock is missing (HSERDY !=0), and HSE timeout reached, the code automatically detect the missing clock, and select the HSI clocksource in the automatically generated "void SystemClock_Config(void)" function, without manually modify it.

Is there any inbuilt GUI function, to be able to generate it automatically, or I'm in totally bad way? Is there any tutorial, help, for do that? I didn't find it.

Or this only can be work, if by default the MCU works from the HSI, and if there is available HSE clock, I need to switch to HSE, as sysclock source?

The used MCU(s) are in the STM32L4xx family.