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Communication between 2 lora module using radio frequency technology


Hello STMMicroelectronics,
i am currently working on stm32-WL55JC1 (cortex-M4) lora module, but i could not find any resourses or any ideas about how 2 WL55JC1 lora module will communicate with each other by using lorawan technolgy or you can say radio technology by using stm CUBEIDE .

so could you please give me the sample code to communicate 2 lora module by using stm32 CubeIde.

Thank you,
Bipul barma Roul

Lead II

Hello @bipulbarmaroul 

If you want to have a point to point LORA communication between 2 STM32WL55JC1, you can use this project. Else, if you want to do a lorawan end node or at slave communication to a gateway, I suggest you to use one of the three projects in this link. For more more details on how to use the STM32WL, you can use this firmware and download from GitHub or the ST website or directly through CubeMX.

Best regards.


no no, i need proper procedure to run those code like how to make changes and configuration in that code accrding to my board.

Those exemples are directly useful for your STM32WL55JC1. You can understand more about each project by reading the description below the application. Also, you can debug those exemples to understand how they works and then do the changes you need for your personal work. Finally, refer to this playlist that gives you an idea about different applications (video 4 is about a point to point ful application you may find it helpful).

Best regards.