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chinese support in cubeIDE ?


I have been using CubeIDE as a development tool for many years.

Compared to KeilMDK, it has a beautiful interface, powerful engineering management capabilities, and many helpful price differences.

For example, the ctd completion plugin can greatly improve coding efficiency and accuracy.

However, CubeIDE also has a very stubborn issue: its support for Chinese is not good, and the Chinese characters in my code will become strange hollow or solid blocks after saving the file, with a question mark inside.

I can only change Windows to utf8 (beta) mode to achieve Chinese support for cubeIDE now, but this will bring other problems: other software has become small blocks again.

I just updated CubeIDE to version 1.14.1 last week, and I found that this issue still hasn't been resolved. will this issue be resolved in the future? Is there a plan to solve this bug? Thank you!