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can't open project if folder is already imported

Associate II

I'm trying to open the example project "GPIO_InfiniteLedToggling". Apparently I did tis nce because I can't choose the project since "folder is already imported as project". If I choose (what I assume to be the created project) "GPIO_InfiniteLedToggling/STM32CubeIDE" and click on "finish", I exit to an empty workspace.

I would try deleting the project and recreating it from the folder, but I cannot fogure out a way to delete a project, and don't know where and under which file name it was created.

Does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it? Or has a comprehensive manual for the program? The tutuorials I found under are very badly formatted and seem incomplete, and include no troubleshooting instructions.


>I would try deleting the project

Right mouse click on project ...delete.

Then new-> stm32 project...

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How do I delete the project? I am unable to do it in the "file -> Import Projects from File System" menu (right clicking doesn't give me any options), and don't know how to access the project.

It sounds like your Workspace folder is messed up.

Try a new Workspace folder...

just here:


But then its away.... 🙂

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I have done that and was able to choose the file this time! The project still didn't open though. I feel like i might be missing some steps? This is my first time working with STM, I am just following the tutuorial step-by-step since that's the only instructions I was able to find.

All I'm doing is picking the file/project and click on finish, should I be doing something else? Do I need to have the other STM programs open in the background?