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Generating a .cproject file for VSCode STM32 extension to code with VSCode?

Associate II


I'm trying to create a new project from scratch for VSCode env using the STM32CubeMX, 

I'm able to generate the proper .ioc file and the code from the external stm32cubemx app but tryin to import the project to the VSCode extension is impossible since the cubeMX process doesn't generate the .cproject file VSCode requires so I was wondering whether something is wrong with my method of create a new project or projects just have to be generated in STM32CubeIDE before imported first to VSCode STM32 Extension?  


I assume this is some of my personal "my bads" but the .cproject file wasn't created because in CubeMX *BEFORE GENERATING THE CODE* you want to go to the "Project Manager" Tab and change the Toolchain / IDE to :STM32CubeIDE and then it will generate the project correctly.

*This post may be removed or left for other struggles*