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FAQ : STM32MP1 – How to migrate STM32CubeMx project from an old ecosystem to a new one?

You have a STM32CubeMx project created for an old STM32MPU ecosystem release and you want to upgrade your project in a new ecosystem,  If so, you are in the right FAQ.
Additional resources :
FAQ : STM32MP1 - How to create a device tree adapted to your design with STM32CubeMx?
 To migrate a project from an old version of STM32CubeMx to a new one, you must follow the following steps :
1.            Take your project .ioc and open it with the STM32CubeMx version coming from the new ecosystem.
2.            Generate your code files.
3.            Copy the code from the user sections of the device tree files of your old project to the user sections code of the device tree files generated with the STM32CubeMx’s new version.
Note : It might be possible that the device tree properties name or new properties happen between two versions of ecosystem, so make sure you adapt the properties according to the new version when you do step 3. You can verify that with reference device tree files of the ST board from the new ecosystem.
you can also verify the peripheral device tree usage in the wiki device tree articles (These articles are inline with the code delivery). 
The Change_notification article below provides you a first overview of the evolutions between the ecosystem releases :


both links are broken @Emmanuel COMBETTE DE RYMON 

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Thank you for this post. Your articles "FAQ" are extremely valuable. Thank you for writing those.

This also clarifies why we have such a hard time changing to a new kernel.

All release notes before v.5.0.0 are gone from STM's website. Suppose, you have a product running based on ECO V3. (Linux 4.x) If you have a product and  want to update the kernel (v6.1)  because of new features  it is needed to go back to the .ioc for the MPU, regenerate TF-A, SBL's, FIP and U-boot as well as the kernel itself.  The SD/EMMC flash formats and the device tree definitions change without much documentation + even worse this article is pending.

This article is currently under complete rework to provide relevant information for the ecosystem release v5.0.0


How to build the images for ECO 5.0.0. which all rely on the device tree ?

Some documentation to build is also confusing . ECO repo files have README's (which are better then the on line wiki's) but provide different information than in the wiki's for u-boot, FIP, TF-A etc..Some steps are sometimes missing.

Would STM employees step by step run the steps in the wiki, readme's and evaluate if anyone that isn't familiar with every bit of the quirks in the ecosystem to be able to build the images, specially for customized boards. ?


Community manager
Community manager

Hi @cfilipescu, the links are now updated. 

Hi @debugging, your feedback has been shared and this article is in the pipeline to be updated soon. 

Best regards, Laurids

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The link result in a page with:

This article is currently under complete rework to provide relevant information for the ecosystem release v5.0.0

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