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STM32MP1 bring-up troubleshooting guide

If It is the first time the boot chain is starting but fails, please see the classical pitfall below to get helpYou can also visit the FAQ STM32MP1 bring-up procedure to have more information on how to start.

FAQ: STM32MP1 How to bring up STM32MP1

The new design board is received and you wonders how to get started.Design is composed of  STMP32MP1x, DDR RAM , STPMIC1 for power supply, a boot flash device.How to configure the boot loaders to your application ?What to check if the boot chains fai...

STM32MP1 OpenSTLinux release update

Contents:  Which OpenSTLinux release should be used?Should we move to the next version of OpenSTLinux?Information on firmware update supportHow to monitor patches Guidelines that may assist you in your decision-making process STMicroelectronics OpenS...

STM32MP15 Tips for schematics review

Where is the "sanity check list" for your schematics based on STM32MP1x family   You are about to be complete your schematics After the use of the HW getting starting application note AN5031 ‘Getting started with STM32MP151, STM32MP153 and STM32MP157...