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Why MPU's ST support is so slowly...


Could you please explain me why ST support is so slowly... I'm starting with STM32MP1xx MPUs hoping, that ST support will be fast and specific. But currently answer for even simple (and stupid) questions need to be wait for unpredictable time...

We need to read hundred pages with inconsistent information even for simplest steps like compiling TF-A or U-BOOT.

We spent a lot of time designing custom MP157 module, It's forking fine except qspi-nand and nobody could help me... There is simple question - why qspi nand flash connected according to Getting started guide is not working. Hardware seems no problem - at least FlashID read ok. There are two sample board with exactly same symptoms...

Why you can't provide simple step-by step manuals:

  • compiling TF-A
  • compiling U-BOOT
  • Flashing with USB


Event your README.HOW_TO.txt have stupid mistakes like TFA_DEVICETREE instead of TF_A_DEVICETREE.

May be I need to pay money for support? Please give wallet address to pay.

Dealing with Allwinner MCUs I had supporting team available with fast and accurate replies. With ST... I'm disappointed...

Hope to get reply ASAP

Thank you!

ST Employee

Hi @ASkri.1​ ,

Thanks for your message,

Sorry for the bad experience with our documentation :

  • You are right for the error in README.HOW_TO.txt, we will fix it ASAP.
  • We tend to agree that wiki and README.HOW_TO.txt maybe confusing for some aspects : many information to cover different contexts and uses cases, but at the expanse of some clear and simple guidance.

We will take into account your remark and current experience to progress.

Since this post, you have already made some progress with help of @PatrickF​ in other post :

Thank for your understanding and be sure of ST's dedication to help you succeed.


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They are used to dealing with large customers, who have their own deep roster of engineering talent, whom they expect can walk all the source, and build tools.

If you're a one-man-shop you're probably going to have a bad experience, as you're going to be expected to fix your own issues (it's open source, expect to DIY). The forum is predominantly a user-to-user experience, and there it depends on others willingness to participate and sacrifice time/effort to provide support.

If you're not paying for support don't expect for it to show up, my plumber and mechanic all expect to be paid.

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Up vote any posts that you find helpful, it shows what's working..
Hi, Tesla :) I think I'm not DIY.. I've used at least 1kk different ST MCU's in my projects (mostly M3/M4 cores) and need to dig deep enough to be sure that there is no chance for a fatal mistake. Now we have bought at least 500 sets of STM32MP1 MPU's (MPU+STPMIC+DDR3) but I still can't boot qspi :( I'm aware to use everything that has "Cube" in ST's software name (CubeMX, CubeMXProgrammer, CubeMXStudio, etc...). Because there are so much invisible, not obvious mistakes, that I'll spent times more debugging CubeMX code, than writing the same code using the Reference Manual (usually really excellent). From my point of view ST's patched TF-A and u-boot are core software that require dedicated ST support and must be excellently debugged and documented... And of course fully support STM32MP1 features. But not... Hope they will explain to me where I'm wrong and I will fix it :) вт, 1 июн. 2021 г. в 22:54, ST Community :