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Understanding the functions of Remoteproc

Associate II


iam a bit confused aboute the remoteproc framework and if my understanding of it is correct.

In my view, the remoteproc framework can start the m3 firmware with having its elf-file in a dedicated place of the filesystem. The remoteproc also parses the resource table of the m3 and allocates the memory which is specified for the vrings etc, that a communication can be established in a shared memory. But i have few problems with understanding the stop and shutdown commando from remoteproc. Are those commands just associated with the stm32_rproc driver. What happens with the m3 when i call the remoteproc stop and shutdown. Does the stm32_rpoc driver just shutdown the clocks and voltages for the m3. And how it can resume them without loading the elf file again? Does it just trigger an wake-up source if i wanna have th m3 active via the command start again and it resumes the code in the elf file?

ST Employee

Hi @Community member​ ,

Based on this article :

"Stop" reset the coproc ( no action on clocks and voltage which are shared with A7 ), "Start" reload the firmware in MCURAM from Linux filesystem and start coproc.


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