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STM32MP157C-DK2 not booting to Weston / GTK demo launcher

Associate II


I'm trying to evaluate the STM32MP1 using a STM32MP157C-DK2. I followed this getting started guide and successfully flashed the board, even though the archive downloaded has a slightly different name than mentioned in the guide.

I set the boot switches to the on position and reset the board, which is showing the UBoot splash screen. But afterwards it goes dark, no Linux splash screen, Weston desktop or GTK demo launcher to be seen anywhere. The system itselfs seems to work correctly, as pressing the reset button with minicom connect shows (see log attached).

The big LED next to the ST-LINK is constantly red. A small LED close by flashes two times blue, then pauses, followed by another two flashes...

What am I missing here? Shouldn't the board boot to the GTK demo launcher automatically?

Best Regards,


Bernard PUEL
ST Employee

Hello Matt, we could reproduce a similar issue in our test labs on one board. Analysis is ongoing.

Keep posted.

Bernard PUEL
ST Employee

Hello Matt,

could you please test this new starter package (just reflash your board) and tell me if it hopefully solves your issue on this board ?

Bernard PUEL
ST Employee

I attach here also the relative 2 kernel patches included in the starter package above so that anyone can rebuild DK2 SW with DK2 having the same black screen issue.

Hi, let me jump in here,

I had a similar issue when first starting with the 4.19-thud-mp1-19-02-20 image on DK2: Full screen logo after power-on, and correct console display during DFU, but black screen or (seldom) distorted image as soon as the Linux kernel started.

After flashing the image from 19-02-20-github-display-fix you provided, the display now shows the sample menu as expected.


Kolja Waschk

Bernard PUEL
ST Employee

Hi Kolja, thanks for your feedback.

If anyone needs to apply the relative patches on the developer or distribution package, just add these two patches attached to the Kernel patch list (they will be also delivered on Github with the V1.0.2 Minor release).