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STM32MP151aac custom board kernel not starting

I'm trying to get to know stm32mp1 while making a board for this thing.

While using the default image provided by manufacturer seems to work. The kernel used is old compared to the current ST BSP and support from them isn't exactly great so I'm trying to migrate to the latest BSP. This isn't going so well.

Following instructions found in the wiki. I've managed to compile it but when trying to run, it just stops at 'starting kernel'. Recompiling with LL_DEBUG and EARLY_PRINTK, resulted in some more info.

The lines that seems to show an issue are:

[    1.599531] i2c_dev: i2c /dev entries driver                                                                                                                                     [    1.606005] syscon-reboot: probe of reboot failed with error -22                                                                                                                                                                                                                              [    1.733737] SMCCC: SOC_ID: ARCH_SOC_ID not implemented, skipping ....                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         [    2.031116] irq: no irq domain found for gpio@54004000 !                                                                                                                         [    2.036565] gpio-keys joystick: Found button without gpio or irq                                                                                                                 [    2.057386] gpio-keys: probe of joystick failed with error -22                                                                                                                   [    3.458283] Warning: unable to open an initial console.                                                                                                                          [    3.465913] Freeing unused kernel image (initmem) memory: 1024K                                                                                                                  [    3.487792] Run /init as init process 
[    3.866045] udevd[133]: Starting version 244
[    3.893045] udevd[134]: /lib/udev/rules.d/50-udev-default.rules:18 Unknown group 'tty', ignoring
[    3.917955] udevd[134]: /lib/udev/rules.d/50-udev-default.rules:19 Unknown group 'tty', ignoring
[    3.926963] udevd[134]: /lib/udev/rules.d/50-udev-default.rules:20 Unknown group 'tty', ignoring
[    3.947840] udevd[134]: /lib/udev/rules.d/50-udev-default.rules:21 Unknown group 'tty', ignoring
[    3.956848] udevd[134]: /lib/udev/rules.d/50-udev-default.rules:22 Unknown group 'tty', ignoring
[    3.988188] udevd[134]: /lib/udev/rules.d/50-udev-default.rules:23 Unknown group 'tty', ignoring
[    3.997197] udevd[134]: /lib/udev/rules.d/50-udev-default.rules:24 Unknown group 'tty', ignoring
[    4.028175] udevd[134]: /lib/udev/rules.d/50-udev-default.rules:25 Unknown group 'dialout', ignoring
[    4.047834] udevd[134]: /lib/udev/rules.d/50-udev-default.rules:27 Unknown group 'kmem', ignoring
[   13.991414] arm-scmi firmware:scmi-0: Invalid channel descriptor for 'scmi-0'
[   13.998713] arm-scmi: probe of firmware:scmi-0 failed with error -22
[   14.011959] platform wifi-pwrseq: deferred probe pending
[   14.017331] amba 48004000.sdmmc: deferred probe pending
[   14.022685] amba 58005000.sdmmc: deferred probe pending
[   14.027978] amba 58007000.sdmmc: deferred probe pending
[   14.033239] platform led: deferred probe pending
[   14.037911] platform 4c001000.mailbox: deferred probe pending
[   14.043695] platform mlahb:m4@10000000: deferred probe pending
[   14.049587] platform 48002000.dma-router: deferred probe pending
[   14.055633] platform 4c000000.hwspinlock: deferred probe pending
[   14.061701] platform 50000000.rcc: deferred probe pending
[   14.067138] platform 50001020.pwr: deferred probe pending
[   14.072595] platform 5000d000.interrupt-controller: deferred probe pending
[   14.079536] platform soc:pin-controller@50002000: deferred probe pending
[   14.086282] platform soc:pin-controller-z@54004000: deferred probe pending
[   14.093221] platform 48000000.dma: deferred probe pending
[   14.098692] platform 48001000.dma: deferred probe pending
[   14.104128] platform 58000000.dma: deferred probe pending
[   14.109585] platform 5a006000.usbphyc: deferred probe pending
[   14.115368] platform 50001000.pwr: deferred probe pending
[   14.120822] platform 4000f000.serial: deferred probe pending
[   14.126520] platform 40010000.serial: deferred probe pending
[   14.132237] platform 40018000.serial: deferred probe pending
[   14.137954] platform 5c000000.serial: deferred probe pending
[   14.143652] platform 54003000.rng: deferred probe pending
[   14.149122] platform 58002000.nand-controller: deferred probe pending
[   14.155606] platform 5800a000.ethernet: deferred probe pending
[   14.161559] platform 49000000.usb-otg: deferred probe pending
[   14.167348] platform 5800d000.usbh-ehci: deferred probe pending
[   14.173332] platform 5c004000.rtc: deferred probe pending
[   14.178788] platform 40013000.i2c: deferred probe pending
[   14.184223] platform 5c002000.i2c: deferred probe pending
[   14.189677] platform 50028000.thermal: deferred probe pending
[   14.195463] platform 5a002000.watchdog: deferred probe pending
[   14.201356] platform cpufreq-dt: deferred probe pending

Based on that I found another post that might be related, so I checked the dts files. No mention of mco1.

Next step was compiling the original device tree files with the same BSP mentioned earlier...

The complains raised by the compiler were that it couldn't find the sram and optee group. Have those been removed from stm32mp151.dtsi? According to another post the sram was renamed to sram1 but can't find that either. If so, is there a changelog somewhere that helps with migrating from an old bsp version?


Accepted Solutions

Finally solved it. Not that I understand the why nor the how...

Reason was missing interrupt information in the pmic: stpmic@33 node...

pmic: stpmic@33 {
	interrupts-extended = <&exti 55 IRQ_TYPE_EDGE_FALLING>;
	#interrupt-cells = <2>;

Why would missing interrupt info inside the pmic -that clearly is providing power- cause the emmc to not be found?

Is there somewhere a piece of code that waits for the pmic before it does anything?

@debuggingMight explain the issue you also had with pmic enabled ...

View solution in original post

ST Employee

Hi @michiel.tjampens ,

Please confirm that latest BSP is the ecosystem V5 right STM32 MPU ecosystem release note - stm32mpu ?  What's the current BSP provided by MYIR ? 

Change can be quite huge and you have to adopt a strategy similar to a new bring-up. 

Import ioc or generate equivalent in last CubeMX version, generate device tree and complete them carefully. 

Following articles may help : 

FAQ : STM32MP1 – How to migrate STM32CubeMx project from an old ecosystem to a new one?

FAQ : STM32MP1 - How to create a device tree adapted to your design with STM32CubeMX?

FAQ: STM32MP1 How to bring up STM32MP1


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Hi Olivier,

Thanks for the links, I'll look into them.

I think Myir uses BSP 3.1 because that's the version number on the files in the sdk folder...

The kernel is 5.4.31 and that has been around since april 2020. The cubeprogrammer version used is 2.7.0.

So seems like i'll have to start pretty much from scratch.


Hi @michiel.tjampens ,

Version you gave are even DV2.x., so very old. 

I don't know if you succeed to bring DV5.0 by our own but don't hesitate to ask MYIR to provide a more recent baseline. 



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Hi @Olivier GALLIEN ,

Well I've asked them, but so far only a broken english reply. I think they asked what errors I got but unsure (so replied as such).

So went ahead and followed the second link you gave. But the kernel device tree generated after following it works even worse than the old one (atleast that gave error messages), it just stops after loading the device tree and then reboots. Maybe it's best to start completely from 0 instead of mixing two things (new kernel with dtb, old uboot etc).


Hi @michiel.tjampens ,


Yes, ST does not ensure compatibility of new kernel on top of old BSP.  Avoid any mix and use all components from the same release. 



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Started from scratch (empty CubeMX project) to an actually booting board. To get to the same symptom (not booting kernel) but a completely different cause (i think). Below is the output after compiling the kernel according to the README_HOW_TO in the distr or dev package. With the only change being 'enable low level debug'.


[    0.199871] cpuidle: using governor menu
[    0.210280] hw-breakpoint: found 5 (+1 reserved) breakpoint and 4 watchpoint registers.
[    0.218341] hw-breakpoint: maximum watchpoint size is 8 bytes.
[    0.224779] Serial: AMBA PL011 UART driver
[    0.231370] stm32-pm-domain pm_domain: domain core-ret-power-domain registered
[    0.238744] stm32-pm-domain pm_domain: subdomain core-power-domain registered
[    0.245927] stm32-pm-domain pm_domain: domains probed
[    0.259010] 8<--- cut here ---
[    0.262103] Unhandled fault: imprecise external abort (0x1c06) at 0xae4a437e
[    0.269191] [ae4a437e] *pgd=00000000
[    0.272801] Internal error: : 1c06 [#1] PREEMPT SMP ARM


Not sure if probing the domains caused the crash or the thing it does after that.

Any ideas/tips on how to debug this?

Hi @michiel.tjampens ,


Could you please provide the complete boot log from the very first trace of TF-A ? 




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Hi @Olivier GALLIEN ,

Attached it for reference. Managed to resolve that issue. Forgot to update the kernel dts for yocto after all the issues, copy pasted the last u-boot one and now it gets passed that point. After comparing the two, scmi was missing from the kernel one. (attached the dts)

But that brought me to another issue. Attached is full bootlog2.txt.


[    0.402919] Driver 'scmi-optee' was unable to register with bus_type 'tee' because the bus was not initialized.
[    1.665708] (NULL device *): TA_CMD_GET_ENTROPY invoke err: ffff000a
Starting systemd-udevd version 253.1^
[   10.725045] optee-rng optee-ta-ab7a617c-b8e7-4d8f-8301-d09b61036b64: TA_CMD_GET_ENTROPY invoke err: ffff000a
root '/dev/disk/by-partuuid/491f6117-415d-4f53-88c9-6e0de54deac6' doesn't exist or does not contain a /dev.


Checked in U-boot and that uuid is indeed the rootfs and does contain /dev.

And another issue:

[    3.365707] stpmic1 0-0033: Failed to get main IRQ: -22
[    3.369655] stpmic1: probe of 0-0033 failed with error -22
[    3.384419] stm32f7-i2c 5c002000.i2c: STM32F7 I2C-0 bus adapter

Is it normal that a stm32mp151 uses stm32f7 drivers?


Didn't get any further with the /dev issue, but did fix the entropy one. Turns out that on the stm32mp157 the RNG module is selected by default but not on the stm32mp151, so I overlooked it when Lab15 stated to leave it as default.

More questions raised (that might lead to something):

  • Before the kernel boots, the console shows "Retrieving file: /st-image-resize-initrd", but that resize doesn't happen. Is resizing the fs's the only thing this does? Tried manually resizing ,thought maybe the reason /dev wasn't filled in was lack of space, that wasn't it.
  • Checked /dev and it's there but empty, what should normally populate this?
  • Is it normal that the PER clock is at 0? Double checked with the Lab and everything is copied.
    • Clocks:
      - MPU : 650 MHz
      - MCU : 200 MHz
      - AXI : 266.500 MHz
      - PER : 0 MHz
      - DDR : 533 MHz

Attached bootlog from after fixing entropy etc.