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OpenSTLinux Distribution patch release V4.0.2 is available

ST Employee

Hi MPU's Community,

A "minor"patch release 4.0.2 is available for OpenSTLinux Distribution package.

The corresponding oe-manifest tag is openstlinux-5.15-yocto-kirkstone-mp1-v22.07.27.

It contains some fix of issues detected early after DV4.0.0 / openstlinux-5.15-yocto-kirkstone-mp1-v22.06.15 release and you may face.

Here is the changelog :

V4.0.2 ecosystem release


    o layers/meta-st/meta-st-openstlinux from [182b150] to [cbb3a2e]

     - [Update] CONF: update distro to Yocto 4.0.2

     - [Update] GSTREAMER1.0: update to 1.20.2

     - [Update] SYSTEMD: update to 250.5


    o layers/meta-st/meta-st-stm32mp from [d00d3a0] to [00c2494]

     - [Update] CLASS: FLASHLAYOUT: correct bad exit of loop

     - [Update] CONF: correct examples to used according to devicetree package

     - [Update] CONF:WIC: align WIC file content with devicetree name

     - [Update] GCNANO-USERLAND: add symlinks to shared libs in /usr/lib for SDK usage

     - [Update] GCNANO-USERLAND: fix PACKAGECONFIG names to fill RPROVIDES libs

     - [Update] libdrm: set PACKAGECONFIG based on stm32mpcommon

     - [Update] mesa: drop dri from PACKAGECONFIG

     - [Update] TF-A-STM32MP: cleanup obsolete files

     - [Update] TF-A-STM32MP: update Makefile.sdk to use specific build folder per soc


    o layers/meta-st/meta-st-stm32mp-addons from [1135de7] to [b0b00bc]

     - [Update] Add

     - [Update] CONF: update layer for stm32mp13-mx machine

     - [Update] MACHINE: adapt to kirkstone override new grammar


    o layers/meta-st/scripts from [510c8b0] to [9d87d2d]

     - [Update] Add

It's recommend to refer to Minor release updates section at project start or in the case you are facing issues.


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