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Offer for SX 1280 Application design with STM32157a-dk1

Sercan Egilmezkol


I have a STM32MP157a-dk1 discovery board and a SX 1280 – Semtech (E28 2G4M27S - E-Byte) module.

With CubeMX I add SPI5 to the architecture and get the outputs (Kernel, TF-A and U-boot files.) Then by using these output files I can generate the DTB file and can flash this at DK1 card side.

Below SPI loopback test is OK also.

What I want to learn is:

Actually, I am very new to Embedded Linux concept. I don't even know what is the structure of

driver. But as I see I need to apply my SX 1280 Lora IC's communication specs to STM32MP1 series MPU side.

Can any one offer me where to start?

As you can see I am thinking to use MPU side of the IC. Maybe MCU side can also be used as well.

I want to get data from ethernet then need to send this data over SX 1280.

Sercan Egilmezkol

Hi again,

For me this question is really important. Can you please check if my decision is right or has gaps and errors?

  • I will read SX1280's datasheet and understand its SPI specs.
  • Will write a driver (C/C++) code. (I am just trying to execute SX1280 side. Not ethernet side now.)

Sincerely, thanks..