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LPDDR2/3 support in STM32MP1 LFBGA448/LFBGA354

Shenshen Lee
Associate II

There's some inconsistency on the support of LPDDR2/3 on LFBGA448/LFBGA354 package.

Page 16 of the datasheet lists that LPDDR is only supported on TFBGA257/361, which is consistent with the settings in CubeMX (LFBG* packages have on LPDDR option).

However, page 10 & 11 of AN5122 STM32MP1 Series DDR memory routing guidelines clearly show that LPDDR is supported on both LFBGA packages.

I guess this is an error in the datasheet and CubeMX?

Shenshen Lee
Associate II

As I'm finalizing the part selection for a STM32MP1 based design, any comment on this issue would be much appreciated!


Martin Devera
Associate III

Did you got some information regarding this ? We have the same problem...


No, I haven't heard anything from ST.