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How to enable QuadSPI on STM32MP131F?

Associate II


There's a problem enabling QuadSPI in CubeIDE. After enabling QSPI and generating the code, compile errors occur.

Here are the issues I've identified:

  1. XSPI_HandleTypeDef is not defined.
  2. There's no define related to QSPI (or XSPI) Enable in the stm32mp13xx_hal_conf.h file.
  3. Declarations for HAL_XSPI_MspInit and HAL_XSPI_MspDeInit functions' code are missing in the stm32mp13xx_hal_msp.c file.
  4. HAL_XSPI_MODULE_ENABLED is not present in stm32mp13xx_hal_conf.h.


Thank you for your help.

ST Employee

Hello @Stnoobs ,


1. right due to the absence of HAL_XSPI_MODULE_ENABLED
2. correct
3. I got these ones, but i don't have it while using USART1, and the MX_USART1_UART_Init() is empty
4. correct

So, for me, the main issue with QUADSPI is the missing of HAL_XSPI_MODULE_ENABLED in the conf.h (even commented)
And I have the same kind of issues as you with USART1, and furthermore the init is not done.

I will try to report the problem to the appropriate team
Thank you
David B.