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Gigabit Ethernet GMAC on stm32mp157a



hi,st engineer I am required to conduct Ethernet debugging on an stm32mp157a-st-discovery development board running the RT-THREAD operating system. Within the stm32mp157 Processor Reference Manual, I've encountered such option as follow:10/100M Gigabit Ethernet GMAC. It's mentioned that GMAC is an Intellectual Property (IP) from Synopsys. I want to use GMAC in RT-thread operating system,but i did not find the realted code.  

here is the link:

 Do you have adapation for GMAC on RT-Thread?

If you are not in charge of this aspect, could you please forward this to the relevant colleague who is responsible?   Here is what i find in RM0436 Rev 6 Document. 



ST Employee

Hi @gantener 

on STM32MP15x device, STMicroelectronics only supports Linux operating system.
On Linux, the driver is shown to be:

compatible = "st,stm32mp1-dwmac", "snps,dwmac-4.20a"

Maybe this could help to find available driver or details of implementations for your operating system.


For other operating systems, you could also seek for 3rd party company support for this specific topic (if any).


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