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Start Linux Kernel from TF-A

Associate III

Hello, I want to boot Linux straight from the FSBL, avoiding SP-Min and U-Boot. Is there any configuration or information on how to do this? Thank you.


I got a STM32MP157F-EV1 board, I wouldn't mind using TF-A or U_Boot SPL,


I am also looking at U-Boot SPL Falcon mode but finding very little information about it.

ST Employee

Hi @AGamb.4​ ,

I can only provide you a generic direction.

Note that ST will not further support you and this require strong linux/Yocto skills.

This maybe possible from our distribution, by generating a self-extracting zImage of Linux containing uImage + ramfs + dtb

Load and execution address are provided at build time.

Then you have to change tsv flashlayout in order to host this zImage in place of the legacy fsbl.

Else, what reason to drop FSBL ?

If it's for boot time optimization purpose maybe this page would give you some alternative :

How to optimize the boot time - stm32mpu


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Associate III

Hello @Community member​ , thank you for your reply, any help you can provide will be welcome. I will look into the zImage possible solution.

The reasons are project restrictions to reduce code and dependence on third party software.

The objective right now is not exactly dropping FSBL but dropping SSBL and customize FSBL (TF-A or U-Boot SPL).

Do you provide any support on using U-Boot SPL? maybe with Falcon mode? And about customizing TF-A or U-Boot SPL?

PS: I got a STM32MP157F-EV1 board.



did you get any further with falcon mode oder any TF-A -> Kernel booting?