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How to change U-Boot Version in openstlinux

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Hello , 


We have built OpenSTLinux(Openstlinux-6.1-yocto-mickledore-mp1-v23.06.21) for stm32mp157d-dk1 Board.

Now moving forward we would like to Work with latest  the version of u-boot instead  U-Boot 2022.10-stm32mp-r1. So we would like to know how we could change the u-boot version.

We have followed the below link as our reference.


Thanks in Advance


Best regards


ST Employee

Hello @Srikanth1 ,
If you work with openSTLinux Yocto distribution, you will find the U-boot recipe here targeting the U-Boot version aligned with the release you have (as you said, 2022-10 for OSTL v6.1). : layers/meta-st/meta-st-stm32mp/recipes-bsp/u-boot 

Now, if you want to take the upstreamed U-Boot version, you will have to change the U-boot recipe to target the version you want. However, 2 warnings : 

  • ST only supports the U-boot version released with its own OpenSTLinux delivery, so it will be up to you to solve the different issue you will face.
  • Changing BSP component version is not something recommended, we always recommend to stay on the released version of BSP component, and apply patches inside instead of taking a complete other version out of ST delivery. 

I hope this information will be useful for you. By the way, is there any rational reason why you would like to take the last U-boot ? 

Kind regards,

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Hello  Erwan SZYMANSKI 

Firstly,Sorry for the late reply.

We are working on build-root with the Uboot version(2023.10) for the same STM32MP157AAA3 processor.when we are switching to OpenSTLinux we found that it supports  U-Boot 2022.10-stm32mp-r1,so we thought of changing the version to the one we are using in build.


Thanks in advance


Best Regards