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What is the maximum datarate of LoRaWAN gateway ( transferring data from node to server)?


Hello community.

What is the maximum datarate of LoRaWAN gateway?

Example: If I'm sending 180,000 bytes from node to gateway, gateway will be able to transfer from node to server.?

Thank you.

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here you can calculate data rate - depending of modulation etc.


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LoRaWan has a standard Protocol but there are some regulation like as package size - payload and period time between each their communication which they are depend on operator. So you have to ask them about this.

Thank you for replying @AScha.3 

This calculator link does not provide the option of this gateway board (LRWAN_GS_HF1).

This (LRWAN_GS_HF1) is SX1301/SX1257 device and calculator provide option for devices SX127X, SX1261,SX1262,SX1280 and LR1110.

Thank you reply @Tinnagit .

I'm transferring 6 byte of data with each frame and able to tranfer 40 frames per minute.

I also need to increase these frames per minute to atleast 30000 frames per minute, that is 180000 bytes per minute as I'm using B-L072Z LRWAN1 which is a SX1276 device and has the capability to transfer that much of data that I need 3kbps.

I have read some data were some people are getting data of 210MB , 240MB per month through gateway or they are saying that this is the gateway capacity.

Isn't this entirely the wrong protocol for this volume of data?

Can you use LoRaP2P?

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Yes sure I'll buy you a coffee @Tesla DeLorean 

Can you help with this setup were I want to tranfer around 20000  to 30000 dataset per minute, with each dataset of 6 byte.

Meanwhile I'll look for LoraP2P.

Looking for your help .

Thank you.

Their are a myriad of possible settings

Semtech has a calculator. Small packets are going to have a lot of overhead. FCC rules probably limit continuous usage, and you'll also jam the channel. Not clear if you have one or multiple devices that need to achieve this, and over what distance.

Tips, Buy me a coffee, or three.. PayPal Venmo
Up vote any posts that you find helpful, it shows what's working..

Hello @Tesla DeLorean 

As for Lora calculator, none of the devices/boards is useful for my project using Lorawan technology. As I need to transmit around 24kbps, India has a limitation of bandwidth of 125khz.

I'm looking to switch to FSK. FSK provides 50kbps speed. Can you help me with this FSK setup?