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Trying to operate WL55JC1/L072Z LRWAN1 in Class C


1) Class A for Unicast.
Class B synchronous transmission (thanks to beacon) for Unicast or Multicast.
Class C for continuous transmission for Unicast or Multicast.
According to this details will Class C will give little bit more data rate then Class B?

2) I have done few changes from "#define LORAWAN_DEFAULT_CLASS CLASS_A" to "#define LORAWAN_DEFAULT_CLASS CLASS_C" in the "lora_app.h" file and I also changed "#define DISABLE_LORAWAN_RX_WINDOW 0" to "#define DISABLE_LORAWAN_RX_WINDOW 1" in "lorawan_conf.h . Is there are more settings to do to operate this boards in Class C?

3) Is there anyone who's working on class C with Wl55JC1/L072Z LRWAN1. I have went to community and they are not able to work on class C with Wl55jc1. After few settings and some has suggest to set up the LoRaWAN server to tell the device to switch to class C, and i'm able to understand how to setup server?

Thank you in advance.