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stopping advertisement when not advertising anymore error 0x0C

Senior II

application stopped advertising , with error 0x0C, later to discover it got connected.

is this error indicates I got connected? 

does it mean other things too?





Andrew Neil
Evangelist III

@DS.4 wrote:

application stopped advertising , with error 0x0C,

So where, exactly, did you see that error code?

From knowing what returned it, you should be able to find what it means ...

Hi @Andrew Neil 

All the document says is that:  0x0C -  Command disallowed 

Would like to know better what this means and what can it indicate on the system status.

E.g., it is disallowed (cause I am connected)  (cause I am disconnected ) ( ... .) ( .... )


if @ST can specify more regarding the reasons, or at least approve my reasoning for this error.


I opened a support ticket as well hopefully to get an answer, but if anyone already has an answer to it or a link to a document with further documentation could help a lot.

@DS.4 wrote:

All the document says is that:  0x0C -  Command disallowed 

Which document is that?



Couldn't find the stop advertising/set_non_discoverable command (0xFC81) in BLE core specification 

I guess it's a command ST created 

Hello @DS.4 

I suggest you look at the Bluetooth core specifications 5.4  Vol 1, Part F.2.12 to find the exact meaning of the 0x0C Command disallowed. Also, searching for the "Command disallowed" will give you a good idea about the use cases related to the 0x0C message.

Best Regards.


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