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STM32WB55CGU6 Current Consumption

Associate II

Good Morning,

I am working with an engineer that needs to asses the current based on the states of the STM32WB.  Is the simplest approach to use the Nucleo Board with the part and then, reviewing the schematic, place a current meter in line with the jumper between VDD and the MCU?  For clarification i have attached the schematic of the Nucleo board and on page 5, JP3?  I realize this is a sort of nebulous question but I had thought you could use the power monitor with one of the nucleo/DK boards.  I believe I was wrong.  Thank you!

ST Employee

Hello @rick2399 

If you are using a multimeter, you have to remove the JP3 and connect the two pins of the Jumper to the two pins of the multimeter. You can also use the STM32CubeMonitor Power with the X-NUCLEO-LPM01A for the measurement of the Current consumption as shown in this video.

Best Regards.


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